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Sail Banda: Small Islands for Our Future

With more than 100 yachts competing from around the world, the 2010 Sail Banda yacht race promises to be bigger and better than ever. Sail Banda is an annual yacht race that takes competitors from Darwin, Australia through to the beautiful and remote Banda Islands. Along the way, participants and spectators will see all the splendid beauty Indonesia has to offer as yachts sail under a bright blue

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The Ballalompoa Museum: Daily “Changing of the Guard”

A new attraction has recently been added to Makassar. Since the beginning of March, an impressive “Changing of the Guard” ceremony takes place at the Ballalompoa Museum, the former Palace of the Sultan of Gowa.

Wearing resplendent bright red costumes, “soldiers” involved in the “Changing of the Guard” at the former Gowa Palace will perform their drill for the p

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The Sade Village, the Sasak of Lombok and their Way of Life

The Sasak are the indigenous people of the island of Lombok. Like many ethnic groups in Indonesia, they belong to the Austronesians who migrated from mainland Asia some 5,000 years BC to populate South East Asia all the way to the South Pacific Islands. Today 85% of the Lombok population is Sasak. Although Bali has greatly influenced Lombok, yet unlike in Hindu Bali, most Sasak embrace Islam. 

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Mount Tambora Super Eruption and the Year Without a Summer

Obscured on an island among the large Indonesian archipelago and frequently overlooked by history, Mount Tambora on Sumbawa is the earth’s monument of the biggest and most devastating volcanic eruption in recorded history. According to National Public Radio, the eruption that took place nearly 200 years ago was estimated to be 10 times bigger than Krakatau’s and more than 100 times big

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The Subak: Bali’s Rice growing Cultural Landscape: a UNESCO World Heritage

Visit Bali, travel to its highlands, and you can not but be amazed by the beauty of the thousands of hectares of lush green paddy fields that cascade in terraces from the upper reaches of volcanoes down to the deep valleys below as if sculpted from the mountain side.

Indeed, Bali is blessed with 150 rivers and streams that provide water year round to irrigate this most important staple. Nonethele

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Bolu and Makale Markets: Traces of Culture and Civilization in Toraja’s Traditional Markets

Traditional markets function not only as a means of sale and exchange, but in fact have many other important roles. Bolu Market and the Makale Market are the two largest markets in TanaToraja, South Sulawesi, and clearly reflect the culture and civilization of the Torajan people and the surrounding communities. But before learning about the markets themselves, one must first be familiar with the h

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The Batak Toba Village and Traditional Houses

The Batak ethnic group inhabiting the intererior of North Sumatra is devided into six sub-groups. They are the Toba, Karo, Pakpak, Simalungun, Angkola and Mandailing Batak. While two subgroups have converted to Islam, the others have mostly converted to Christianity, primarily through efforts of the German missionary.

Nonetheless, ancient beliefs and traditions, customs and rituals still persist

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The Batak “Ulos” handwoven textile

For the Batak ethnic group of Lake Toba in North Sumatra, - as indeed with other communities in Indonesia, - their meticulously handwoven textiles, known as “ulos” are not merely made to wear as clothing, but are significant symbols of status, serve as precious heirlooms, or are ceremonial gifts during rites in human’s life cycle from births and weddings to deaths.


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Way Kambas National Park milestone breakthrough with birth of Sumatran Rhino

Although the Way Kambas National Park in Lampung at the southern tip of Sumatra is better known as habitat of the Sumatran Elephant, -  yet since  23 June 2012 the Park is now celebrated worldwide as the venue of the first controlled birth of the Sumatran  rhinoceros in its habitat - only the fourth in  the past 124 years.

Given the name “Andatu:  meaning

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'Matah Ati': spectacular Javanese dance drama that captivates modern audiences

Having received standing ovations in Singapore at its debut in the Esplanade Theatre on 22-23 October 2010, then again last year at the Jakarta Theatre of Taman Ismal Marzuki,  the awe-inspiring dance drama Matah Ati is back performing in Jakarta from 22-25 June, and at the Court of Mangkunegaran in Solo, Central Java from 8 – 10 September 20

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