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Home » Mount & Lake Batur- Kintamani, Bali » A refreshing Hot Drink at “Okyna Kopi & RempahRempah” at Kintamani

A refreshing Hot Drink at “Okyna Kopi & RempahRempah” at Kintamani

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A young mother sits casually, grinding coffee beans using the traditional tools and methods. In the center of the room, coffee beans roast in a large clay pan. A mouth-watering aroma fills the air in every corner of the room and beyond, bursting through windows and doors into the plantations that surround it. This quaint little coffee house is found in the midst of a miniature coffee field along the main road to the mountainous town of Kintamani disctrict in Bali.


Visiting Kintamani has long been part of the usual itinerary for both domestic and international tourists to Bali. Step away from the bustling hubbub of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Petitenget for a calmer atmosphere, coolmountain climate and scenic surroundings. 

Getting to the volcanic Mount Batur, one of the primary points of interest in Kintamani, takes about 3 hours from the more touristic central areas of Bali. Therefore, it’s best to plan your trip with other places to visit along the way.


The Bangli region, which houses the Kintamani district, is home to several interesting points to chart into your trip. The village of Penglipuran is set along a hilly countryside; a delightful, well-kept village composed of wide, brick roads, lined with rows of charming, antique houses with neatly manicured gardens in between. The village is a traditional one, which remains true to the traditional methods of bamboo architecture. In this bamboo town, almost everything around you is made from the abundant plant; kitchens, majestic gates and doorways, furniture, roofs and gates. Many of the styles and creations, such as the bamboo roof shingles, are unique to the little town and not found anywhere else. Visitors to Penglipuran are usually treated to a taste of the famous Bali Coffee.


Speaking of coffee, there is more to be seen and tasted along the way to Kintamani. Stop byOkyna Kopi & Rempah-Rempah (Okyna Coffee and Spices), located along the main road to Kintamani. A spacious parking field surrounds the coffee house, large enough to accommodate several tour buses, cars and motorbikes.


A thousand meters above sea level, no spot could be more perfect for travellers to take a break from their journey. Sit, relax, and refresh yourself in the cool mountain air, fingers wrapped around a warm cup of the aromatic beverage, overlooking a small plantation of coffee and fragrant spices, grown in abundance in the fertile, volcanic soil at the foot of the towering Mount Batur.


The field itself measures just 1 hectare and is divided into two mini gardens. One field is dedicated to coffee. Here, Arabica and Robusta trees grow in neat rows, laden with berries, hanging like red baubles on the lush, green trees. The other field is for the spices; chili, vanilla, ginger, ginseng, cardamom and many more. Though ginseng is commonly associated with China, several types of the plant are grown in the Okyna field. The ginseng are then processed and mixed into the coffee providing a range of health benefits to the drinker. Within this mini estate, several knowledgeable staff are available to take visitors on a tour of the grounds, explaining the use and function of each of the plants grown in the compounds.


You may also be surprised to see a few cages on the plantation which house Luwak, a type of ferret or civet cat which are raised to play an interesting role in the production of the special luwak coffee in Indonesia, touted to be the most expensive coffee in the world!  Though some are kept in captivity, the plantations and surrounding cliffs and rivers of Kintamani are the natural habitat where the luwak live and breed.

Aside from the cozy café in the miniature plantation, there is also a souvenir shop providing various types of coffees and spices as well as a “demonstration site” for visitors to observe the manufacturing process of coffee as well as chocolate.


The famous Bali Coffee boasts a consistent rich and smooth flavor. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, add this spot to your itinerary and enjoy the fragrant hot drink amidst the tranquil atmosphere and picturesque scene that is Okyna. Two spacious, bamboo cottages are also available on the compounds, complete with hot water and LCD TV. But beware. You may never want to leave.

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A refreshing Hot Drink at “Okyna Kopi & RempahRempah” at Kintamani

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