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  1. Bird Watching in Flores Komodo Island

    You can see or doing some activities, watching the eagle in Flores Komodo Island.
  2. Crepes with Mango in Flores Komodo Island

    This is one of nice combination of cuisine in Flores Komodo Island Resort. Crepes with Mango.
  3. Diver Silhouette in Flores Komodo Island

    Enjoy the biodiversity under the sea at Flores Komodo Island.
  4. Enjoying The Afternoon at Flores Komodo Island

    Enjoying the Afternoon at Flores Komodo Island. Photo taken from www.floreskomodo.com
  5. Fish in the Dish

    Fish In the dish. Enjoy cuisine at Flores Komodo Island.
  6. Ikat Salesman in Flores Komodo

    Ikat, traditional textile from Flores. This man is selling ikat directly to the tourist in Flores Komodo Island.
  7. Stone Relics in Flores Komodo Island

    Prehistoric artefak, Stone Relic in Flores Komodo Island.
  8. Traditional War Dance in Flores

    This is the traditional war dance in Flores Komodo Island.
  9. Man Walking with Buffalo

    The picture of a man with buffalo and his children.
  10. Flores Larantuka Paskah

    The spirit of Easter decorated the exotic island of Flores, as the congregation lit their candle for the celebration of Easter night. Photo by Campbell Bridge.
  11. Pasola

  12. Caci

  13. mete peanut1

    Mete Peanut
  14. mete peanut2

    Mete Peanut
  15. cancar1

  16. cancar2

  17. cancar3

  18. waerebo1

    Photo by Leonardus Nyoman
  19. waerebo2

    Photo by Leonardus Nyoman



Each year, the week before Easter Sunday,  the town of Larantuka, East Flores, solemnly celebrates the Holy Week, popularly known here as “Semana Santa”.  The pinnacle of these celebrations is the commemoration of Christ’s  suffering on Good Friday by following the stations of the Cross, known here as the “Sesta Vera”.  In Larantuka, prayers center around two religious icons, one is the statue of Jesus Christ (locally known as Tuan Ana) and the other is that of the Virgin Mary (Localy known as Tuan Ma). Both are original statues brought here by Portuguese missionaries Gaspar do Espírito Santo and Agostinho de Madalena in the 16th century. These statues are presented to the public only during Easter and are kept out-of-view for the rest of the year.

Located on the eastern tip of Flores Island, - Larantuka,-  also known as ‘Kota Reinha’ or ‘Tana Nagi’, is the capital of the district of East Flores.

Having strong Portuguese colonial influences, the town is commonly known as one where Catholicism flourishes in Indonesia. For more than four centuries, this region inherited Catholicism through the role of the common people rather than through the clergy. The King of Larantuka, missionaries, the brotherhood of apostles of the common people (Confreria), the  Semana Tribe, and the Kakang (Kakang Lewo Pulo Tribe) as well as the Pou (Lema Tribe) have played pivotal roles in the development of Catholicism in this Larantuka region.

During Holy Week, the normally quiet and tranquil town will be filled with pilgrims and congregations from many parts of Indonesia and from around the world.

The Semana Santa commences with the Rabu Trewa or the Shackled Wednesday (or Ash Wednesday)  on the mid-Easter week. On this day, devotees gather in chapels and pray, remembering the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot which led to Jesus’ arrest and shackling. This is the time when the town of Larantuka turns into the Town of Mourning; a time when it drowns into solemnity and reflection for the purification of the soul.

In the afternoon of Maundy Thursday, devotees enact the tikam turo ritual in preparing the route for the following day’s seven kilometer procession by planting candles along the route. At the Chapel of Tuan Ma (Virgin Mary) the casket that has been sealed for one year is carefully opened by the Conferia, and the statue of Tuan Ma or Virgin Mary is bathed and then dressed in mourning clothes (a piece of black or purple, or blue velvet coat).

The pinnacle of the rituals falls on Good Friday or the Sesta Vera. The door of the chapel of Tuan Ma and Tuan Ana (Jesus and the Virgin Mary) opens at ten o’clock in the morning. The Good Friday procession is highlighted by the ritual of carrying the body of Jesus Christ, placing Jesus at the center of the ritual and placing Mother Mary at the center of attention, as the mourning mother (Mater Dolorosa). The Sabtu Santo (Holy Saturday) and the Minggu Paskah (Easter Sunday) follow the next days, marking the end of the entire Easter week procession.

From Jakarta or Bali the town of Larantuka  is accessible by flights to the El Tari Airport in Kupang or the Wai Oti  Airport in Maumere, followed by about 3 hours’ overland journey to  Larantuka.  

There are few hotels and accommodation facilities available in the region, so if you plan to attend the Semana Santa make sure that you make your arrangements early. A number of travel agents offer special packages to ease your travels. Please check our "Find Travel Agent".

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