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Aceh’s Next Best: The Coffee

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  1. PLTD Banda Aceh

  2. Banda Aceh

  3. Kopi Aceh

    Photo courtesy by Intika Fonda firnanda
  4. Kopi Aceh

    Photo courtesy by Intika Fonda firnanda
  5. Kopi Aceh

    Photo courtesy by Intika Fonda firnanda
  6. Banda Aceh

  7. Banda Aceh

  8. Banda Aceh

  9. Budaya Aceh / Aceh Culture

  10. Kuliner Aceh dan Sabang / Aceh and Sabang Culinary

  11. Mesjid Raya Baitturahman / Baitturahman Mosque

  12. Museum Aceh / Aceh Museum

  13. Sabang

  14. Pantai Iboih - Sabang / Iboih - Sabang Beach

  15. Tari Saman / Saman Dance

  16. Tari Saman / Saman Dance

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Have a sip of hot aromatic Aceh’s coffee and visit the cocoon of one of the world’s best. Hardly can you find a place in Indonesia like Aceh when it comes to coffee. It is a long held tradition that blends with daily necessity where people in and around Aceh translate it into coffee drinking habit in the province’s ubiquitous coffee houses. Although Takengon of Central Aceh is dotted with numerous coffee plantations and factories, Lamno in West Aceh is said to be the country’s best coffee producer.

Lamno has a unique story. Portuguese army was once fled from a defeat battle in Malacca strait, and ended up in Lamno. The King Daya at that time captured them. Realizing the help was never going to come, the Portuguese soldiers surrendered and embraced Islam voluntarily. They live like the locals since then. Acehnese accept them as one of theirs until today, although they romanticize them with a special moniker, ‘The Blue Eyes’. Only two elderly ‘Blue Eyes’ are left after the 2004 tsunami; Jamaludin Puteh known as Lelaki Putih or the white man, and 80-year old Cut Pudo.

Best known for its Arabica coffee beans, Aceh contributes 40% of Indonesia’s coffee production. The coffee houses in Aceh are second to none when it gets down to coffee preparation. The baristas who never go to formal or even special trainings, serve the coffee differently from any other coffee makers throughout the region in the nation. The coffee is brewed through multiple filtering until desired consistency, making it much more aromatic, smooth, clean tasting, and having a robust effect. The best thing about coffee drinking in Aceh is the grand meet-ups among friends and relatives. It’s a tasteful experience with a touch of cultural blend.

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Aceh’s Next Best: The Coffee

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