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Banda Aceh

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Its auspicious position on the tip of the westernmost point of the Indonesian archipelago has made the town of Banda Aceh a recognized transit point as well as a hub for education, commerce, and government. The Aceh Darussalam Kingdom was established by Sultan Johan Syah in 1250AD following the disintegration of old Hindu-Buddha kingdoms like Indra Purba, Indra Purwa, Indra Patra, and Indra Pura.

The capital city of the Aceh Darussalam Kingdom was Banda Aceh Darussalam. Following 70 years of battles with the Sultan the Dutch changed the name into Kutaraja. The town was eventually declared Banda Aceh in 1962. As one of the oldest cities that embraces Islam, daily life in Banda Aceh today is still enormously influenced by Islamic lifestyles.

As a tourism gateway in the westernmost entrance to Indonesia, you are invited to learn the remaining magnificence of old Aceh Darussalam golden era as they are spiritually valuable to the nation. While some of the heritage buildings were swept away after the devastating tsunami in 2004, some others remain. The tourist information center in Banda Aceh has carefully identified the enduring remains and they demonstrate how this magnificent land has been spiritually resilient.

Although around sixty percent of the towns infrastructure was destroyed and some parts of the city remain permanently submerged, the city is now looking new as considerable developments took place right after the disaster. Infrastructures and activities have resumed as usual, and tourism is becoming increasingly popular as peculiarly fresh attractions spring up to the surface. Ulee Lheue is a shoreline facing Malacca Strait and the Pacific Ocean on the west, and it offers the best sunset views in the country.

Visit an inhabited house with a deserted fishing boat right upon its roof. No one would want to relocate the vessel as it has its own dramatic story. The story has it that 59 people were saved by the boat during the tsunami. Do not miss the marvelous and well documented Grand Mosque of Baiturrahman that stood still and saved hundreds of people despite its aged structures. There are hundreds of amazing stories to uncover as you cycle around the city that was recently dubbed as one of the cleanest cities in the country.


To Eat, To Buy, To Stay, To Do

Several hotels available are:

1. Hermes Palace Hotel Banda AcehJln.T.Panglima Nyak Makam, Banda Aceh. Phone: +62 651 755 5888Fax.: +62 651 755 69992. Hotel Grand NanggroeJl. T. Imum Lueng Bata, Kel. Cot Mesjid, Kec Lueng Bata. Banda AcehPhone: +62 651 35788Fax.: +62 651 357783. Hotel Lading Banda AcehJ1. Cut Meutia No.19 Kota Banda AcehPhone: +62 651 638321 / 635123Fax. : +62 651 635123Other webpage: http://ladinghotelaceh.blogspot.com/4. Hotel Oasis Banda AcehJl. Tengku Lueng Bata No.115 Kota Banda AcehPhone: +62 651 636999Fax.: +62 651 6353335. Hotel Sultan Banda AcehJl. Sultan Hotel No.1, PeunayongPhone: +62 651 22469Fax.: +62 651 317706. Hotel Madinah Banda AcehJln. T Daud Beureueh, Banda Aceh Phone: +62 651 21415 / 21416

6. Hotel 61 Jln. T. Panglima Polem No. 28 Banda Aceh Phone (+62) 651 – 638866 Fax (+62) 651 – 638855

7. Hotel Medan Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 15Phone(0651) 33851, 21501 Fax (0651) 32256


And many other hotels which are available in other districts as listed on the following source:http://www.aceh-eye.org/data_files/english_format/general_info/geninfo_facilities/geninfo_facilities_hotels.pdf

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Aceh Adventure is specializing in Aceh city tour and adventure. It can be reached by contacting:
+62 813 9957 8873 or E-mail: lisa@aceh-adventure.org

Getting There and Around

Get Around

Get There

Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport (BTJ) is the major airport in Banda Aceh. The airport serves several airlines, such as:

1. Garuda Indonesia
a. Jakarta (CGK) – Medan (MES) – Banda Aceh (BTJ)
b. Jakarta (CGK) – Medan (MES)
c. Medan (MES) – Banda Aceh (BTJ)

2. Lion Air
a. Jakarta (CGK) – Banda Aceh (BTJ)
b. Jakarta (CGK) – Medan (MES) – Banda Aceh (BTJ)
c. Jakarta (CGK) – Medan (MES)

3. Sriwijaya Air
Jakarta (CGK) – Medan (MES)

4. Air Asia
Jakarta (CGK) – Medan (MES)

5. Firefly
George Town (PEN) – Banda Aceh (BTJ)

6. Malaysia Airlines
George Town (PEN) – Banda Aceh (BTJ)

As you arrive in Banda Aceh, walk out the airport and you will find choices of transportation. Taxis are available and have different providers, like:
1. PT Asa Taxi – Phone: +62 651 7408686
2. Cempala Taxi – Phone: +62 651 43354
3. Mulya Taxi – Phone: +62 651 635441
4. Pidi Taxi – Phone: +62 651 31330

Labi-labi is a local name for public minibus or ‘angkot’ in other parts of the country. This is the most economical means of transportation available to the public and travelers.

The most convenient way to travel within the city as you plan to visit various places of interests in Banda Aceh post tsunami is by mountain biking. A tour operator renting selections of bicycle can be found in Aceh Adventure.