The romantic Pink Beach of the Komodo Islands

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A clear blue sky above, with fluffy white clouds drifting lazily across. Rolling green hills, covered luxuriantly in thick vegetation, interspersed with high, rocky cliffs. Calm, clear waters, tinted by the colorful corals beneath its surface, and alive with the movement of a hundred species of marine life. Last, but not least: a stretch of soft sand, but not white, not black, but PINK!

Pink Beach, or Pantai Merah, as it is aptly named, is one of seven pink beaches on the planet, and is just one of the many amazing features of Komodo Island that make it truly a Natural Wonder of Nature. This exceptional beach gets its striking color from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs.  For this reason, it is called Red Beach in the local tongue. When the tiny fragments of red coral combine with the white sands, this produces the soft pink color that is visible along the shoreline. Aside from Pink Beach itself, a few small segments along Komodo’s eastern bay also have a pinkish tint.

Located immediately west of Flores island in East NusatenggaraKomodo Island is one of three larger and many islets that make up the Komodo National Park, and is particularly well-known as the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon. The Komodo Dragon is the largest living lizard, and takes its name after the island. 

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To Stay, To Do

As pink beach is an uninhabited and fairly remote area, most tourists opt to stay in Labuan Bajo for proper accommodations. If you wish to stay on Komodo itself, there are available homestays on the island with modest facilities and simple food. Your guide should be able to help you on this matter should you choose to overnight on Komodo.For information on operators to Komodo and Labuan Bajo, please click “Find Travel Agent” in Labuan Bajo.Live aboard cruises are also available, among which are: finally, for where to stay, here is a list of the accommodations in Labuan Bajo. More are available at “Find a Hotel”.  Komodo Resorts consists of 14 spacious bungalows that fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape, just a short stretch from the beach. The bungalows are made from teak wood that has been recycled or that has come from controlled plantations. Each bungalow is equipped with hot water and fans, and 8 of the deluxe bungalows also include air-conditioning and a minibar.Dive trips and live aboard cruises are also available at this resort.Komodo ResortTanjung Pelinta, Sebayur Island,Komodo, Manggarai Barat, Flores 86754Phone   : 62- 85 - 42095Fax      : 62 – 385 – 42094Website: www.komodoresort.comBintang Flores Hotel is a four-star hotel in Labuanbajo located amidst spacious grounds and overlooking a private beach. Guest rooms come equipped with a king-sized bed or twin beds, satellite TV, safety deposit box, mini-bar, IDD telephone and air-conditioning. Ground-floor rooms offer direct access to the hotel gardens, while those on the higher floors provide a spectacular view of the Flores Sea. Rates start at USD 120 – 230 per night.Bintang Flores HotelJalan Pantai Pede, Labuan BajoPhone   : 62 – 385 – 2443755Fax       : 62 – 385 – 2443762Email    : info@bintangfloreshotel.comWebsite:

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Getting There and Around

Get There

The best route to the Komodo National Park is most definitely through Bali. As one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, Bali is an extremely well connected airport with international flights available from Amsterdam,Bangkok,Brisbane, Darwin,Dili, Doha,Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Manila, Melbourne,Moscow, Osaka, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo and others. Domestic flights are available from all major cities of Indonesia.

From Bali, Trans Nusa airline has daily flights to Labuan Bajo on Flores by small jet or turbo-prop planes carrying 50 passengers. Labuan Bajo is the gateway to the Komodo islands. Merpati Nusantara also has flights to Labuan Bajo.   

Once in Labuan Bajo, you can proceed to Komodo by speedboat.The port in Labuan Bajo is about a 10 minute drive from the Labuanbajo airport. You can choose to dock straight on the fabled Pink Beach, or if you prefer a trek through the coral cliffs and mangroves, you could dock on a different side of the island, and embark on the 4 hour trek by foot to the beach.