Ananda Sukarlan “Jakarta New Year’s Concert 2013: Pianississimo 3 Generations”

6 Jan 2013 - 6 Jan 2013

Opening the year 2013 with a touch of classical music, Indonesia’s most prominent classical pianist and composer Ananda Sukarlan is set to stage a special performance in the “Jakarta New Year Concert 2013: Pianississimo 3 Generations” to be held on 6th January 2013 at the Auditorium Yamaha Music Center, Jakarta.

As the theme suggests, the special concert will also involve top pianists across generations including piano maestros 82 years old Charlotte Panggabean and 84 years old Latifah Kodijat-Marzoeki. From ‘todays’ generation, the concert will also feature the 17 years old prodigy and winner of the Ananda Sukarlan Award - Bandung International Music Academy (ASA-BIMA) International Music Competition senior category, Randy Ryan.

The younger generations will be represented by the 9 year old winner of the elementary category Brahms Mulyawan and 13 year old junior category winner Aloysius Kevin Trisna. Winners of the senior category Janice Wijaya and Ade Satrio Prastyanto will also showcase their musical renditions in the concert.

“It’s a pun,” Ananda said. “In Italian, pianississimo means pianos and pianists in the plural sense. So, it shows that it’s a piano concert by Indonesian pianists from three generations”, reported

Held annually on the first Sunday of the year since 2006, the Jakarta New Year Concert (JNYC) is a celebration to welcome the New Year as well as to introduce Indonesia’s up and coming talents to the public. Thus, each year Ananda Sukarlan Award - Bandung International Music Academy (ASA-BIMA) conduct a Music Competition to discover new talents in classical music. In the 2012 ASA-BIMA International Music Competition, 122 pianists under the age of 26, hailing from around the world came to Bandung in July to take part in the competition.

As special treat this year, the Jakarta New Year Concert will feature compositions that originate from Indonesia’s own folk songs. The concert will reveal that classical music is universal, it can derive from any native music from any part of the world. Ananda Sukarlan will present his own classical scores, which are adapted from traditional Indonesian songs.  Among them are “Rapsodia Nusantara” (“Rhapsodies of the Archipelago”), a composition based on Indonesian folk melodies for solo piano, and “Srikandi,” a musical score about Princess Srikandi from the realm of Indonesia’s own  wayang (traditional puppet) art.

For the concert, Latifah and her good friend Charlotte will present the “Slovakian Dance” by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok on two pianos, while teenage prodigy Randy Ryan will team up with Janice Wijaya, third-place winner in the senior category of the ASA-BIMA 2012 awards, to play the complicated four-hand composition “The Humiliation of Drupadi” written by Ananda Sukarlan.

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