Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

14 Feb 2013 - 17 Feb 2013

No fewer than 500 national fashion brands steeped in local content but produced with international standard quality will be displayed at the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, representing the collective creative wealth of Indonesia, to take place from 14-17 February at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.


The event will highlight 4 main elements: Fashion shows, Exhibitions, Talk shows/seminars, and competitions. Elaborating on all types of fashion, the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 will be divided in 4 (four) days with 4 different themes respectively. Day 1 is Cocktail/Evening Wear, day 2 is Muslim Wear, Day 3 is Men’s & Urban Wear, and Day 4 is Casual Cutting Edge.


All fashion shows will be held in the Plenary Hall area which can seat thousands of visitors. The fashion shows itself will be divided into Prime Show, Semi Prime Show, Exclusive fashion shows (one designer per-show), and Non Stop Runways (non-stop Parade from 30 designers). Pantene, Dulux, Downy, Maxy Style, while the Handicraft Board of West Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara will have their own shows featuring various designers.


Among the 208 designers who will showcase their collections are Deden Siswanto, Ardistia New York, Hengky Kawilarang, Auguste Soesatro, Ivan Gunawan, Lenny Agustin, Shafira, Sebastian Gunawan, Sofie, Denny Wiryawan, Jeany Ang, Irna Mutiara, Tri Handoko, Poppy Dharsono, Ichwan Thoha, Jeny Tjahyawati, Samuel Watimena, and Ria Miranda.


Appearing as special guests are designers from World Fashion Week based in Washington DC, USA. The guest stars will be led by Paco de Jaimes with 4 world’s top designers: Samuel Cirnansck (Brazil), Melinda Looi (Malysia), Addy Van de Krommenacker (Netherland), and Camilla Welton (Sweden).


The exhibition will be divided into several zones: women’s wear, men’s wear, muslim wear, kid’s wear, and accessories & textiles. This year, there will also be new zones of Starting Point (innovation), Concept Point (Branding Concept), and Green Point (social and environmental awareness). The exhibitions themselves will take place at the Assembli Hall, Cendrawasih Hall, and Main Lobby area.


The Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 is organized by the Indonesia Fashion Designers Association (APPMI), and is fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Trade, and the Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives.


A business to business event allows sellers to meet buyers, where 20 percent of participants are ready to export to the global market. However, the exhibition will also be open to retail sale for the thousands of visitors expected to attend the event.


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