Semarang Semawis Bazaar: a colorful and fun Fiesta welcoming Chinese New Year

6 Feb 2013 - 8 Feb 2013

Semarang, the charming capital city of the province of Central Java will welcome Chinese New Year 2564 - which this year falls on 10th February 2013 - with a sparkling fiesta : the Semawis Bazaar to be held from 6th to 8th February 2013. This unique event will take place at Semarang’s Chinatown complex centered around the Cap Kao Kang and Kapuran streets.

Entering its 10th edition, this annual event emerged from the Chinese tradition of ji kao meh. Ji kao meaning  29 which points to the date, and meh meaning night, thus it is a bazaar held on the 29th night of the last year where people usually shop for all kinds of food and decorations needed to celebrate the turn of the year.

The bazaar will be filled with stalls selling all necessities for Chinese New Year such as decorative ornaments, paper lanterns, flowers, and other items. Since the coming year is the ‘Year of the Snake’, one can expect a lot of snakes themed into various ornaments. The bazaar will also feature a variety of culinary delights, especially those associated closely with Chinese New Year celebrations.

There will also be highlights of both traditional and contemporary art performances such as : the Barongsai (or Lion Dance), Wayang Potehi (Chinese puppet show), Cengge, plays, live musical performances, and others. Visitors will also be presented with some of the most distinct features of Chinese culture such as Chinese fortune telliing, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Medical treatment, and many others.The bazaar will also be complemented with various games and competitions.

Forming part of the Visit Central Java 2013 program, the Semawis Bazaar is organized by the Komunitas Pecinan Semarang Untuk Wisata (KOPI SEMAWIS) or the Semarang Chinatown Community for Tourism with the full support of the Semarang Chinese Organization Association (PORINTI), the office of Tourism of Central Java, the city of Semarang, and the Suara Merdeka Network.

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