The Inaugural Web in Travel (WIT) Conference in Indonesia

27 Mar 2013 - 27 Mar 2013

The captivating beauty and abundance in adventure opportunities offered by Indonesia’s tourism has attracted the Web in Travel (WIT) to stage the first ever WIT Conference in Indonesia. In collaboration with Kibar Kreasi, an Indonesian digital specialist, the one-day WIT Indonesia will be held at the Pullman Central Park, Jakarta on 27th March 2013, with Accor Asia-Pacific as foundation partner.

Themed “Hot Hebat Heboh” (Hot –Awesome-Buzzing) , the one-day program will focus in on what’s hot, awesome and ‘buzzy’ about Indonesia’s travel market – from its projected 100 million Internet users by 2015 to how social networks and mobile applications are developing distinctly in a market where consumers are obsessed with networking and IT  devices.

The event will feature speakers from some of the most influential names in today’s travel related and digital business including Agoda, Accor, Circos Brand Karma,, Google, Go Indonesia, Infor, MakeMyTrip, Queen’s Road Capital, Raja Kamar International,, Wego Indonesia, Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and Venture Republic.

“With the strong interest in Indonesia’s e-commerce and online travel developments, the time is right to hold a WIT in one of Asia’s biggest travel markets,” said Yeoh Siew Hoon, founder and editor of WIT as quoted from “After China and India, Indonesia, with 248 million people, is the next powerhouse and it is developing so differently from other markets. It’s time to get under the skin of this key market,” added Siew Hoon.

Indonesia has 237 million population; 73 million Internet users by 2014; 45 million Facebook members; 20 million Twitter accounts – out of 50 million daily tweets, 6 million are from Indonesia; 60% of web access from mobile, these statistics speak for themselves showing Indonesia as the strongest e-commerce growth in South-east Asia.

Beyond numbers, real change is taking place underneath the surface. Customer behavior is changing. Distribution and marketing is evolving. Travel suppliers have to adapt. Intermediaries are stepping up their game in a market that’s as unique as it is different in how it is developing. Addressing these issues, the conference will bring together foreign and Indonesian experts in travel distribution, marketing and technology to discuss and exchange knowledge and ideas about the online space and what you need to know to engage with the new Indonesian consumer.

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