Lombok Audax 2013 Second Leg Group Cycling over 400 km (2 x 200 km)

26 Apr 2013 - 29 Apr 2013

From January through November this year, the beautiful Island of Lombok becomes a massive long track for cycling enthusiasts when the Lombox Audax 2013 gets underway. After the successful 300KM first leg ride, the second agenda of the event is the 400 (2x200) Km ride which will take cyclists from Senggigi Beach across the northern coast of Lombok circling back to Mataram in the west  ( capital of West Nusatenggara Province), to take place from 26th to 29th April 2013.


Audax can be described as a non-competitive collective long distance cycling activity with determined time frames and rules. The term audax itself comes from “audacious” in which participants aim to cover as much distance as possible to prove that they are indeed audacious. Under the Audax regulations, cyclists ride in groups. Successful riders are awarded a certificate called a Brevet d'Audax.


Distances of Audax events range from 200Km, 300KM, 400Km, to 600Km and more.


The Audax style involves riding in strict group formation at a steady pace set by a road captain. The group attempts to maintain the pace of 22.5 km/h between stops. The route is pre-planned with designated stopping points. For longer Audax events the group may ride between 16 and 20 hours in a day before stopping at a designated sleeping location. The goal of the Audax is to finish inside the prescribed time limit with all members of the group present. A support vehicle is allowed to follow each group of riders


For the Lombok Audax, the event is divided as follows:

1.       For 300 Km        : 25th - 27th January
2.       For 400 Km         : 26th – 29th April
3.       600 Km                : 19th – 23rd September
4.       400 Km                : 15th - 18th November


Set to be staged in 2 days, the 2nd leg of the Lombok Audax will cover a total distance of 394 KM, with a total climb of 2,731m. There will be 5 stops for the first day namely at: Selengan, Obel-obel, Autere Pearl Culture, Labuhan Haji, and Praya; while the 2nd day stops areat: Loteng Regency Office, Selong Belanak, Jawa Pos Stop, and Pusuk Pass.



Although not yet as popular as its neighbor Bali, Lombok holds equally fascinating wonders with   enchanting beaches, transparent aquamarine seas, and the majestic Mount Rinjani. Here, cyclists will not only be presented with challenging tracks, but also spellbinding natural beauty.


More information available at: http://www.lombokaudax.com


Photo courtesy : http://www.lombokaudax.com/