Miss Coffee Indonesia Pageant 2013

6 May 2013 - 20 May 2013

Highlighting the distinct taste and appealing aroma of the finest coffee from all over the Indonesian Archipelago, the Miss Coffee Indonesia Pageant will be held from 6th to 20th May 2013 at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta.


Participating in this event are the best representatives from all the provinces of Indonesia. Those who passed the preliminary round will compete in the Grand Final which will take place in Jakarta. The winner of Miss Coffee Indonesia Pageant will represent Indonesia in the upcoming Miss Coffee International 2013 Pageant which is to take place in Yogyakarta, on October 2013.


The elected Miss Coffee Indonesia will ultimately be the Ambassador of Indonesian Coffee who will promote the distinct taste and appealing aroma of Indonesian coffee to the rest of the world.


The event is aimed to shine a brighter spotlight on Indonesian coffee and to increase their quality and quantities so Indonesia can become the main coffee producer and exporter country in the world. This will be achieved through intensification and extension programs that in the long run will help increase the country’s foreign earnings, welfare of coffee farmers, and laborers in processed coffee industries.


From the exquisite Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee of Sumatra to the distinct taste of the Arabica coffee from the highlands of Toraja, the Indonesian Archipelago is blessed with some of the finest coffee beans of the world.  In 1696, the Dutch brought coffee to Java through Batavia.  Batavia or what is known today as Jakarta soon became the main supplier of coffee to Europe.  Over the past 312 years, the words "Java" and "Sumatra" have become virtually synonymous with flavorful coffee.


Connoisseurs of specialty coffee also know the names Bali, Lintong, Toraja, Kalosi, Gayo, and Mandheling.   Beyond these well known regions, coffee from new areas, such as Wamena and Moanemani in Papua are waiting to be discovered.


More Information available at: http://www.misscoffeeindonesia.com/


Photo courtesy :  http://gayahidup.inilah.com/read/detai