International Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup Championships to hit Palembang, 3 – 5 May.

3 May 2013 - 5 May 2013

27 countries will be participating in the International Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup Series to be held from 3-5 May at the Jakabaring Sports Complex in Palembang, South Sumatra, reports Antara News.


The organizing committee closed registration on 24 April after having reached the maximum of 80 athletes from 27 countries, although more last-minute registrations were entered, said spokesman of the World Championship competition, Yasser Arafat in Palembang. The quota had to be made considering that competitions will last for 3 days only. At last year’s event, 60 competing athletes from 22 countries came to Palembang.


The successful organization in Palembang caused IWWF Kono Ritschard to declare that the Jakabaring venue in Palembang is one of the best in the world.


The Palembang Championship is the second in the World Cup Series on the Calendar of the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation following the first one this year held at Mandurah in Australia from 15-17 March 2013. Palembang was chosen as the next venue since the weather in Europe has still not shaken off its winter cold.



Athletes are expected to arrive in Palembang from 30 April to acclimatize and try out the venue.

On its website the Federation states that “the excellent flat water conditions, 32 degrees Centigrade temperatures and wonderful festival atmosphere will produce very impressive performances from both the waterskiers and wakeboard riders.


The Palembang venue in South Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s oldest cities in this Tropical Rainforest climate region. The Musi River, spanned by the spectacular Ampera Bridge, flows through the city centre and so water based activities are nothing new to Palembang.”


Palembang has this year already hosted two international sports events, these are the International Triathlon and Duathlon held from 30 – 31 March and the Asia-Pacific Beach Volley Competition from 19 – 22 April.


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(Source: Antara News)


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