Vesak Day Ceremony to be held at the mighty Buddhist Borobudur Temple

25 May 2013 - 25 May 2013

At the national commemoration of Vesak Day in the year 2557, which this year falls on 25 May 2013, Buddhists from all over Indonesia and overseas will congregate in Central Java to participate in the holy procession that wil take place from  Mendut to  the Borobudur temple, starting at 08.00 am. This is to ensure that at the exact moment of Vesak at 11.24.49 hrs Western Indonesia Time the congregation will have reached Borobudur.  

As has become tradition every year, the ceremony will first commence with prayers at the Mendut temple, then gathering pilgrims will proceed on foot to the Borobodur temple carrying the flame of eternal fire, holy water and Buddhist symbols that were kept in the Mendut temple to place these on the main altar already set up on the west side of Borobudur temple.

An inseparable part of the ritual is the lighting of candles and chanting of the Ghata Visaka Puja by the congregation. Devotees will then continue with pradaksina or the ritual of circling three times around the Borobudur temple, moving clockwise from east to west.


Days prior to the religious procession, the Buddhist Association of Indonesia (Walubi) will undertake social activities, providing eye and dental treatments, cataract operations and other minor operations for the poor.

Vesak, which falls on full moon night in the month of May, commemorates three most important events namely the Birth, Enlightenment and the Death of Buddha Guatama Sidharta.

The Vesak ceremony and procession at the grand Borobudur temple  attracts thousands of Buddhist every year from around Indonesia and neighbouring Buddhist countries.

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