International Bloggers amazed at Indonesia’s many tourism Wonders

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 | 22358

"I was blown away with how awesome Indonesia is. A Must visit!" – Anton Diaz, blogger from the Philippines.


"Indonesia is full of variety with new things to discover on every island." – Michael Turtle, blogger from Sydney, Australia



Eight international travel bloggers from a number of countries were invited by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy earlier this month to visit some of Indonesia’s top tourist destinations from 7th to 19th October.

Participating  in the program  were : Michael Turtle (Australia), Stephen Bugno (USA), Swanky Traveller (Indonesia), Veny (Indonesia), Cailin O’Neil (Canada), David Lee (USA), Juno Kim (South Korea),Eunice Khong (Singapore), Anton Diaz (Philippines) and Kirsten Alana (USA). Indonesian bloggers Amalla Vesta Widaranti, Veny Lai, Jansen Siregar, Nila Tanzil and Traveljunkie also accompanied the 8 participants. Indonesian celebrity Olga Lidya also joined the group during the trip to Komodo National Park and Bali.

The journey took them to the jungles of Central Kalimantan (Borneo) to get up close to the orang utans at the Tanjung Puting National Park. Then it was on to see the great Borobudur Buddhist temple in Central Java, a visit to Yogyakarta, and an early pre-dawn mountain climb to watch the sun rise over Mount Bromo in East Java. The trip then continued with a flight to see the Komodo dragons in East Nusatenggara, topped off with a visit to exotic Bali, before each finally headed home.

David Lee from New York City, USA, was so astonished when he  encountered the legendary Orangutan at the Tanjung Puting National Park. After cruising the Sikonyer River to Camp Leakey, David was fascinated to see how these gentle primates are raised and nurtured in their natural habitat. David’s fascination with the Orang Utan he expressed by continuously wearing the orangutan t-shirt given to participants by the Trip Committee, even when travelling in other destinations.

Meanwhile, Cailin O’Neil from Canada received her reward after an excruciating hike up the steep steps of Mount Pananjakan in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Although her leg was injured, it did not stop her from making the hike up which started at pre-dawn from 03.30 am. The divine sunrise which emerged from the clouds shining over the magnificent Mount Bromo, complemented with a dramatic view of Mount Semeru in the background, truly captivated Caitlin who documented her experience through video, and soon released it through online media.




The sea of sand at the foot of Mount Bromo reminded bloggers of the desert in the Middle East through its sheer mystifying aura. Vesta and Veny, bloggers from Indonesia illustrated their mesmerizing experiences trough writing and photos in their own personal blogs.

Kirsten Alana from the USA could not hide her fascination as the crystal clear waters of the Pink Beach on Komodo Island indulged her eyes. The clarity, which she has never witnessed before, together with  the enchanting pink color of the sand, made her jump right away from the boat into the sea. Even though the astounding Komodo dragon which she previously met on Rinca and Komodo Islands were truly a special sight for everyone, however, for Kirsten, it lags behind in comparison to the Pink Beach. Her enthusiasm  for Pink Beach and the Kanawa Beach, Kirsten shared through Twitter and Instagram.

Traveljunkie from Indonesia’s own social media scene was also amazed by the sights in Pink Beach. He was also overwhelmed by the beauty of the uniquely natural colored Beach before he plunged in to see more splendors below the surface. He later added that for him, the experience was almost spiritual.

The fabled island of Bali became the finale of the 12 days exploration of Indonesia’s splendors. Long known for its enchanting culture, participants were presented with some of the most captivating cultural features. The spellbinding Kecak Dance at the Uluwatu temple truly amazed all of  participants with its fusion of elegance and gallantness. A trip to the truly authentic Balinese villages of Ubud subsequently followed. It is obvious that a day in Ubud is not enough to absorb all of the beauty of Bali.

The enchanting sunset over Petinget Beach became a picturesque finale this once in a lifetime trip. Potato Head Beach Club became the last meeting point where participants shared their experiences among each others. The luxurious ambience of the club radiated a certain feeling for all participants which illustrates that Indonesia has indeed everything even beyond some of the wildest imagination.

While the 12 days adventure may have given some of the most exciting experiences for its participants, yet, the vast stretching islands in Indonesia still offer a whole lot more for those in search of endless wonders.
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