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Home » News » Winners of www.indonesia.travel online Quiz enjoy their prized Komodo adventure

Winners of www.indonesia.travel online Quiz enjoy their prized Komodo adventure

Posted on 7 Dec 2012 at 19:15 | Views: 15195

Winners of  www.indonesia.travel online Quiz enjoy their prized Komodo adventure

20 international and national winners of the www.indonesia.travel 2012 online Quiz made the 4 days adventure to the Komodo National Park last week, experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime to get up real close to these prehistoric dragons.

5 international winners, among whom 2 from Turkey, 1 from Mongolia and 2 from the Philippines, together with 15 Indonesian winners gathered in Bali on 4 December. The next morning, all winners joined by Miss Earth 2012 and Miss Scuba 2012, together with a number of Indonesian journalists and television channels led by officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, flew to the Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport on Flores island, from where they took the boat to the island of Rinca, one of the three large islands that are the last habitat on earth of these formidable animals.

Taking the medium trek in 1.5 hours on Rinca island, the group was split into two, led by 4 rangers. On the route they encountered a number of komodo dragons lazily walking in the wild.

Although at a glance komodos look pretty tame, one should in no way underestimate them since they are really wild and even cannibalistic when searching for food.

At one point the group witnessed three komodo dragons hungrily devouring a large wild boar. This photo opportunity was not passed and all were busy getting the best shot of this dramatic event. On the trek they also met a number of water buffaloes and wild deer that are the main prey of the komodo. According to the rangers, komodos can survive for one month without food after devouring a large animal.   

After lunch the group left for Kanawa Island with snorkeling on top of the agenda.  Here the turquoise blue transparent sea showed the amazing colorful underwater life, inviting all participants to waste no time to jump into the cool water.

The third day was spent exploring the larger island of Komodo, a distance away from Rinca. Here live some 2,005 giant komodo lizards. It is  the saliva of the Komodo which contains 60 bacteria that will surely kill any man or beast bitten by the komodo.  The victim will die slowly but surely. Once dead, the prey is devoured collectively and completely by a number of dragons, leaving hardly any bones behind.     

On Komodo island, participants were again divided into two groups led by 8 rangers, again taking the medium trek over hills and valleys. Here, the Sulphurea Hill  offers a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean to the south and the green of Komodo island to the north. During the trek the groups met 5 komodo dragons which instantly became the focus of photography.  

The trek finished at the beautiful Pink Beach, only one of seven in the world. Here the pink sand merging and contrasting with the blue and turquoise sea offers a most unusual sensation.  

 After a sumptuous seafood lunch on the beach, Quiz winners did not need to be commanded to dive into the sea.  
The evening and the tour was closed with a barbeque farewell dinner at the La Prima Hotel, before all headed home the next morning, ending a most unforgettable adventure to the lair of the Komodo Dragons.

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aryadi ali usman

Posted on 12 Dec 2012 at 07:01

luar biasa dahsyat>>>Ayo berwisata di negeri sendiri>>>

suryo buronan

Posted on 8 Dec 2012 at 00:39

Amazing !!!! Speechless !!!! Thank buat indonesia travel, bener-bener perjalanan yang tak terlupakan. Snorkeling di pink beach yang benar2 memukau :) Melihat komodo yang jalan dengan cuek :) I Love Indonesia...

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