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Date of last revision: February 9th, 2010.

Indonesia.travel was built for:

  1. Providing useful information and references regarding travel to and within Indonesia
  2. Becoming a hub between the travel industry and travelers interested to experience Indonesia
  3. Facilitating media for travelers to share their experiences in Indonesia

To use some of the features in indonesia.travel, users may need to enter their personal data through registration process. The personal data includes but not limited to:

1. Username
2. Full name
3. Birthdate
4. Gender
5. Email
6. Password
7. Country
8. City

Personally-identifiable information:
Everyone can access and use features in indonesia.travel, by going through the registration process, which is free of charge, but requires some personal information to be submitted by your own will. You may also register through Facebook. If you don't register, some features may not be available, such as destination reviews.

If you're already registered, you can log in by submitting your username and password. Users of Trip Planner (trip.indonesia.travel) can use their account to sign in as users in www.indonesia.travel, and vice versa.

Information which is collected through means of technology:

Cookies are text files written by the client browser to the client computer containing information sent by the server. The information then can be used to identify the client and transfer the information through the features in indonesia.travel as needed.

IP Addresses
Indonesia.travel keeps records of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses or your computer location for our system administrative purposes.

Log Files
Log data will only be used for analysis needs.

User-generated Content (Trips, comments)
In Trip Planner (trip.indonesia.travel), you may share your Trip plans or journals (includes text and photos). You can also comment other Trips. Your itinerary will be able to be copied for other's purposes, however the system ensures that you'll have proper credit.
E-mail address handling policy
We won't sell, lease, trade or give your emails to a third party without your consent. If you think you've received an email from us by mistake, please report to representative [at] indonesia.travel

Our site reserves the right to send emails to you to inform about your account status. This also includes announcements or information regarding changes on the site or our policies.

Information security and protection

To avoid illegal data access and to ensure data accuracy, we'll employ measures to confirm your registration or identity (ex: email activation, CAPTCHA, etc)

Law abidance

We will inform you if there are steps or actions taken against you to in order to:

  1. Abide by the law or court process/decisions
  2. Protect copyrights
  3. Protect against abuse or illegal uses of the site
  4. Protect individual or proprietary of public or our users (namely, if you disclose false information or pretending to be someone else, we will divulge your information as a part of the investigation to your actions

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. Any changes will be displayed in this page. If there are any significant changes to how we use personal data, the changes will be announced at least 30 (thirty) days before applied to action.