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Adventure beyond dreams in North Sulawesi (English version)

North Sulawesi has an abundance and variety of accommodation and facilities available to meet the needs of travelers from backpackers and budget class to four-star resorts.

Go to Link: http://www.visit-northsulawesi.com/


A well known Indonesia Ecotourism NGO website, focusing on development of sustainability tourism which contributes to nature conservation as well as improving the welfare of local people.

Go to Link: http://www.indecon.or.id

IMT-GT Information Exchange

Established by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand , IMT-GT is an economic network within specific regions in each country--North Sumatera and Aceh in Indonesia; Kedah, Perlis, Penang and Perak in Malaysia; and Satun, Narathiwat, Yala, Songkhla and Pattani

Go to Link: http://www.nectec.or.th/bureaux/imt-gt/about.htm

# Dive The World Indonesia - Komodo, Raja Ampat, Manado - Bunaken and Bali diving

Dive The World Indonesia - Komodo, Raja Ampat, Manado - Bunaken and Bali diving Indonesia dive resorts in Bali and Sulawesi - Manado, Bunaken Island, Lembeh Strait, Togian Islands and Gorontalo, diving liveaboards to Komodo, Irian Jaya, Raja Ampat, Bangka, Togeans, Wakatobi, Alor, Banda Islands and Flores

Go to Link: http://www.divetheworldindonesia.com/

UNWTO Library

The WTOelibrary is an online, fully cross-searchable portal of a vast number of UNWTO publications in their respective languages (already over 750 books in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic) and over 8000 documents which are made only available

Go to Link: http://www.wtoelibrary.org

Bali travel guides

Bali travel guides with complete section of accommodations, restaurants, spas, nightlife and sightseeings in Bali.

Go to Link: http://www.rasabali.com

Awera Island Surf Camp

Located in the well known Mentawai Island West Sumatera, Awera Island Guesthouse . It is a resort that combines the knowledge, skills and drive of the local people with an understanding of the needs and expectations of western travelers and surfers.

Go to Link: http://www.aweraisland.com

Jakarta Events

As with just about every other large city, Jakarta is a place where there's always something going on. This website will guide you through events in Jakarta.

Go to Link: http://www.jakarta-events.com/

1 - 8 of 268 related link(s)