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If you want to be a registered user of our site, you should study the Terms and Conditions (TAC) beforehand. TAC signifies rules of indonesia.travel that every visitors and users of this site must abide to. If you've used our site in any way, it means you've fully agreed with the terms and conditions of our site.

If you have a question regarding this site's TAC, send an email to representative[at]indonesia.travel with the subject 'Indonesia.travel TAC'.

Indonesia.travel's Goal

indonesia.travel is the official site of Indonesian tourism promotion, run and managed by The Ministry of Indonesian Culture and Tourism. indonesia.travel (and its subdomains) were developed for the intention to be the ultimate reference site for travel to/within Indonesia. This includes Trip Planner (trip.indonesia.travel).

indonesia.travel Users
Users of indonesia.travel are traveling individuals and either commercial or noncommercial organizations related to travel.

Using indonesia.travel for Promotional Purposes
In Trip Planner, travel related organizations (ex: travel operators) may promote their travel packages in forms of Trips, and may include an outbound link to another site, as long as every destinations in the itinerary is within the domain of Republic of Indonesia. You may not, however, promote your services through means which may be categorized as SPAM (ex: link-baiting in comments to other people).

These travel operators may also contact the administrator for submission in the Travel Directory.

We are not responsible for the information or even transaction which is held outside the domain of indonesia.travel.


Account blocking or deleting

We reserve the right to block or delete accounts of users who are in direct violation of our Terms of Service, or whose conducts disturb, disrupt, or incite troubles among the community of users in indonesia.travel.

Personal Responsibilities Toward Content

You, as a user, are responsible towards your own shared contents, including texts and photos, while also guarantee that the content do not incite troubles or violate other people's rights.

Intellectual Property Rights of Contents (IPR content)

We reserve the rights of our own IPR content, under the IPR law of the Republic of Indonesia and may also apply to users from another country who adhere to similar IPR laws.

User IPR Contents

By sharing contents in Trip Planner (or any other indonesia.travel's sites), you are hereby declaring that you own the IPR for your shared contents, or have the right to share it (ex: the content belongs to public domain). If there's a dispute regarding the IPR of your content, you'll take full responsibilities to settle it.

License Grant

You grant us a nonexclusive, worldwide license on all your shared contents, royalty-free. ('IPR License'). This IPR License ends in 10 days after you've deleted the content from Trip Planner and contacted us (email: representative[at]indonesia.travel) to notify the deletion and requesting a license revoke. Without the notification, the IPR License still applies.