Heritage Sites in Jakarta

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There are more than thirty museums in Jakarta. And tens of art galleries. So we'll list a few places you shouldn't miss:

Museum Gajah (National Museum)
Located at the west side of Merdeka square; it offers historical, pre-historical, archeological an ethnographic aspect of Indonesia through its extensive collection of artifacts and relics which date as far back to the Han, Tan and Ming Dynasty.

Ismail Marzuki Park
Is one of Indonesias foremost modern composers this art centre known popularly as TIM stages regular performances of traditional and contemporary art, including western ballet, Javanese dances, dramas and exhibitions of handicrafts and fine arts. The art centre publishes a monthly calendar of events which can be obtained at the TIM offices at Jalan Cikini Raya 73, Jakarta.

Indonesia Miniatute Park
Is a cultural park which attempts to present the ethnic cultures and tradition in permanent exhibits of traditional architecture native to the 30 provinces. Performances of drama and dances of the various provinces are regularly staged in the pavilions.

Monumen Nasional (National Monument)
The National Monument or "MONAS" is 137 meter tall table marble obelisks-topped with flame coated with 35 kg of gold, and represent the people determination to achieve freedom. It is located in front of the president's palace and opens to public. An elevator carries visitors to the top, offering a bird's eye view across the city to the sea.

Maritime Museum
Two of the original ware houses from the first trading post of the Dutch East Indies Company in Java now house the Maritime Museum. Exhibits include large models of boats from various islands. The old harbormasters tower stands nearby. Open from 8.00 am - 2.00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. On Fridays closed.

The Wayang Museum
The Wayang Museum located on the western side of Taman Fatahillah in "The Old Town" areas has the finest displays of wayang puppets in Indonesia including puppets from all part of Indonesia and other part of Southeast Asia as well. The wooden and the Leather puppets displayed here represent the finest craftsmanship in this paricular form of traditional theatre. The museum also shows shortened performances of the Wayang Kulit leather puppets every Sunday morning.

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For those who wish to move around by Trans Jakarta, 10.00 am " 04.00 pm will be the best time of usage. At 07.00 am " 10.00 am and 04.00 pm " 07.00 pm Trans Jakarta turn to a crowded tarns, due to that period of time is the business hour (people go and back from work).

While on Saturday and Monday, Trans Jakarta will be hectic all day long.

Getting There and Around

Get Around

Trans Jakarta is the favorite transportation among all since its launched a few years ago. Cheap and Clean. With only Rp3,500 youll get yourself an exploration all over Jakarta.

To access National Museum and National Monument (MONAS), stop at Monas Halt.

Other modes of transport to move around Jakarta are 24 hour taxi services, public bus, mini bus, BAJAI and train services.


Get There

Most flights all over the archipellago and aboard arrived in Soekarno-Hatta Airport

From Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta take a ride by airport taxi or airport bus, and stop at Gambir Station, then you can continue travel using Trans Jakarta; - this mode of transport reaches almost all part of Jakarta

Bus services also available, arrived in Jakarta from Sumatra and Java. Jakarta installed with 4 bus stations:

  • Kalideres
  • Kampung Rambutan handles buses from Bogor, Bandung and Tasikmalaya
  • Lebak Bulus station handles many deluxe buses from Yogyakarta, Bali, Surabaya and Bandung
  • Pulo Gadung handles economic class bus services from Cirebon, Central and East Java, Sumatra and Bali
  • Door-to-door travel minibuses are available to and from Java and Sumatra Island, mostly provided by travel agents