Eat, Pray, Love and Escape in Ubud

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Follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Gillbert and journey to Ubud where just like her you can experience this place of wonder and beauty. Elizabeth Gilbert’s best selling memoir Eat Pray Love tells the story of her experience over one year living in Italy, India and Indonesia – in search of an inner balance and spiritual fulfilment in life.

And where better to search for balance and spirituality than in Bali, an island of gods and goddesses? It drew Elizabeth Gilbert’s attention for its richness of nature, culture, cuisine. And of course, in Bali she finally found love.

It’s in Ubud, with the help of her local friends, Wayan, the traditional Balinese healer, and wise man Ketut Liyer, that Liz rediscovers her ability to love. Living in the beautifully lush surrounds, making friends with the local people Liz embraces Ubud and learns how to find balance in her quest for pleasure and meaning.

Join us for a journey of eat, pray, love and escape in Ubud, Bali.


To Eat, To Buy, To Stay, To Do

Staying a few days, weeks, or even more than what you originally planned, will always be a wonderful moment to treasure. Exclusive hotels are optional. Even Liz enjoyed the blunt look of tropical tree tops, swimming pools and a fresh tropical fruits at a reasonably priced hotel down at Monkey Forest Road. "It’s good to be back," she said once along the journey.

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Getting There and Around

Get Around

Your escape to Ubud will start right at the time you unpack your bag in a nice quiet hotel of your choice just as Liz did as she relaxed her body and mind surrounded by beautiful scenery. She knew she didn’t have to worry about being on her own  because she could always make friends with the charming locals. They are more than happy to explain what and where to go. Such is the friendliness of Ubud.

Get There

As you arrive in Ubud you’ll be welcomed with the smell of canang (a Balinese offering; combination of leaves, flowers and incense). You will see genuine smiles of the Balinese faces who greet you with respect.

If you don't have a map in hand or even a clue, you can always understand phrases like "Taxi, Sir?" or "Hotel, Ma'am?" Just tell them you're heading to Ubud and you'll be on your way.