Lampung Museum

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Lampung Museum is the only museum in Lampung Province, the southernmost province on the island of Sumatra, as well as a significant monument amongst the Lampung community. It is strategically located just 15 minutes from the heart of Lampung’s capital city, Bandar Lampung.


With the use of Lampung’s distinct architectural style, the museum is a path to retracing the past through an extensive display of prehistoric artifacts, cultural relics as well as the flora and fauna which are typically found in Lampung. Antique ceramics from other countries such as China and Siam are also among the Lampung Museum’s collection. Based on the inventory from 2011, the museum holds a collection of over 4,700 items. These are divided into 10 groups which are the items related to geography, biology, ethnography, history, numismatics, phylogy, ceramics, fine arts and technology.


The largest part of the collection is dedicated to ethnography, which is the study of culture. So far, there are over 2,000 objects in this category which includes objects that were once used in everyday life and various items characteristic of both the past and present Lampung culture.


The Lampung Museum began its construction in 1975, holding its groundbreaking three years later in 1978. Its grand opening was held many years later on 24 September 1988, where it was inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture of the time, Prof Dr. FuadHasan. The inauguration coincided with the commemoration of International Literacy Day which was centered in PKOR Way Halim.


Lampung Museum
Jl .ZainalArifin No.PagarAlam .64 ,
Meneng building , Bandar Lampung
Tel . : 62 - 721-783688
Fax : 62 - 721-701164


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Getting There and Around

Get There

The closest Airport is the Raden Inten II Airport in the city of Bandar Lampung. This is a domestic only airport, serving Jakarta, Bandung and Batam.


The Lampung Museum is located approximately 5 kilometers north of Tandjungkarang, the central area of Bandar Lampung. It is easily accessible by rental car, public transport or motorcycle.